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Stokes Family Farm, The Pig Whisperer

Stokes' Family Farm

Welcome to Lawrenceville, GA, to one of the last working family farms in Gwinnett County. We serve customers from as far away as Atlanta and Athens, but really hope the folks here in the Lawrenceville-Dacula area will shop with us regularly. Contact us for our next availability and current pricing.

What We Offer

  • Grass-fed and -finished beef
  • Pastured pork
  • Always antibiotic- and hormone-free

How to Buy

If you would like to be notified when we have products available and what the current pricing is, sign up here.

All meats are available for pickup on the scheduled dates at the slaughter house. An approximated 50% deposit (cash or check) will reserve your order with the balance and slaughter fee due at pickup.   

Why Buy?

There are many reasons to buy locally-grown food. It pays the farmer a living wage. It can decrease your carbon footprint. It preserves green space. But for me, it's how my grandfather lived.

Grandpa grew up in the hills of northwest Georgia, and knew produce had to be local and in-season to have the "flavor of the stone." I think he was hitting on the French concept of terroir, or "sense of place." The French, like my grandfather, believe foods from particular places and seasons have their own unique flavors.

Grandfather insisted that watermelons had to come from Sand Mountain, that peaches had to come from Georgia, and sweet potatoes had to come from your own back yard. Otherwise, they weren't fit to eat. Grandpa would have loved to buy food like we grow here at Stokes Family Farm.

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