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Stokes Family Farm
About Stokes Family Farm

The Stokes family: Fred, Dottie & AnthonyWho We Are and What We Do

Stokes Family Farm provides grass-fed beef, pastured Berkshire pork, and fresh produce to the local community. We also utilize many heirloom vegetable varieties and heritage breeds of livestock to preserve bio-diversity.

Although not a "certified" organic farm, we practice natural farming techniques and almost never use chemical inputs. If we do use an artificial agent, it is to save the life of an animal or preserve the health of the people on the farm.

Anthony riding "Empress" the PigIn 1978, my parents, Fred and Dottie Stokes, bought twenty-one acres of eastern Gwinnett County, GA, but in recent years, I turned it into a functioning farm. We sell wholesome, natural foods grown by the sweat of our brows. And in the truest sense of hospitality, our food and stories are available to all.
Anthony Stokes,
    Farm Manager

To find us,

“Go on down past the old Dunegan place. It’s a fer piece, but any of ‘em can point it out.”



Visit Keri's Korner
Visit Keri's Korner


Anthony Stokes

Cooking Tips
I’ve had best results using old recipes from cookbooks before the Second World War. People understood natural meats better then and wrote recipes to compliment them. These cookbooks may still be found at estate or garage sales and second-hand bookstores, or just ask to borrow grandma's!

My favorite methods for cooking any lean steak or roast include traditional Chinese pepper steak, Mexican fajitas, and Cuban steaks. Even cuts from tough old bulls are tender and juicy when sliced thinly across the grain of the meat, marinated in teriyaki sauce or lime and garlic, and cooked 20 to 30 seconds on a sizzling cast iron skillet or wok… Your Stokes Farm grass-fed beef comes from a tender young animal, and it is scrumptious!
Bon appétit!

"Empress" the Pig

Empress is very affectionate. She loves physical contact and will do almost anything for a belly rub. She barely notices when I sit on her, but her eyes roll back in her head as soon as I start to rub her. She'll be the mother of next year's pigs.

"Empress," Queen of pigs



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