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Stokes Family Farm
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We love having visitors at the farm, but unfortunately, this is a working farm and we just can't stop work to talk to unexpected guests.

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Anthony Stokes, Farm Manager
Email us here.

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“Go on down past the old Dunegan place. It’s a fer piece, but any of ‘em can point it out.”

Stokes Family Farm loves guests. We are located between Lawrenceville and Dacula. Contact us to set up an appointment and get directions.
Cooking Tip
Ground beef tastes richest with some olive oil. Add a little to your pan before browning meat for spaghetti sauce or chili. For burgers add 1-tablespoon olive oil to each pound of ground beef before making up the patties. I also love to add minced shallots and seasonings at this point. Mix the meat lightly with a lifting motion so as not to compress the meat.

Anthony by the barn

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