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Grass-fed Beef
Pastured Berkshire Pork

Grass-Fed Beef

Visit our Recipes page for delicious ideas on how to prepare our lean, grass-fed beef.

Grass-fed Belted Galloways, the "Oreo Cows"Our beef cattle thrive on open pastures and sunshine, with all the grass, hay, and water they want. They also enjoy an all-natural seaweed and salt mixture to build strong bodies and immune systems. On rare occasion, we give a therapeutic dose of medicine to an animal to save its life, but unlike commercial producers, we never give daily antibiotics or hormones. Most of our animals are completely antibiotic- and hormone-free. We keep records of any animal that has needed life saving medicines and will share that information at your request.  

Stokes' Family Farm beef is available several times a year. Contact us for our next availability and current pricing. Animals are pre-sold by the quarter and picked up at the slaughter house.

Pastured Berkshire Pork

Contact us for availability and pricing.

We are now offering delicious Berkshire pork, grown here at the farm. Our pigs romp through open pastures every day. They till and fertilize the soil as a part of our farm ecology program. They are, after all, nature's little bulldozers. In winter, they stay warm in a 1 acre woodlot filled with acorns and hickory nuts. This past fall, I was amazed to hear the pop, pop, popping of thick, shelled nuts as our pigs got fatter and fatter.


The serenity and beauty of the farm at sunset

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Anthony Stokes

Order NOW!

Check our calendar for upcoming pickup dates. All meats are pre-purchased before slaughter and require a 50% deposit.

Please let me know to expect your check in case we have already sold out. I'll send you an e-mail when it arrives. If you need smaller share options, I'll be happy to work with you.

Check out Anthony's delicious grass-fed beef recipes!

About Our Chickens

We raise three different types of chickens, and sometimes a fourth. Most of our hens are high-production birds with a lot of Rhode Island Red in their background. They are obvious because of their red color. They are very efficient and produce the bulk of our eggs.

 The partridge-colored birds with beard muffs are descended from chickens kept by the Arauca Indians in Chile. They lay far fewer eggs, but in lovely shades of olive and turquoise.

The last group are called Cochins and are mostly feathers. They even have feathers on their legs. They are important because they really like to raise babies. They don't care who lays the eggs. They just want to mother them.

Anthony holding a chicken

The other group of chickens which we only rarely keep are for meat production. They lay very few eggs but are kept for their flavorful meat.

We also keep a rooster around even though they aren't necessary for egg production. I've just always found that my hens squabble a lot less if there's a rooster on the farm!


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